Thursday, June 22, 2023

Tell us something we didn't know

Authors of Cleveland Clinic’s Groundbreaking Study Release Another Finding Which Contradicts CDC Narrative: “Those Not ‘Up-to-Date’ on COVID-19 Vaccination Had a Lower Risk of COVID-19 than Those ‘Up-to-Date'” 

I mean, who knew?

Other than us, of course.


  1. 'everyone new' including the cdc

    1. Everyone but the sheep who lined up around the block to get their shots!!! My uber-Leftie mom said "You don't trust the "vaccine??? TRUMP came up with it!" Yeah, I know, Mom... These folks can't get it through their heads. It wasn't POLITICAL. It was COMMON SENSE! That "vax" HAD NOT been tested properly, was RUSHED to market, and HELD THE DRUG COMPANIES HARMLESS!!! It wouldn't have mattered WHO told me it was "safe and effective!" DAMN! I'm glad God covered my ass on this one!!! I was doomed to have to take it or lose my job. The owner of the company realized there were so many objectors that if he fired all of us the company would collapse! He pushed back and we were spared the jab... You see, even at the local level it was ALWAYS about the money...