Saturday, January 6, 2024

Ask me again why I don't fly.

 How Did a Window Blow Out of a Boeing Airliner?

Well hell, this can't be good. Window blows out of an airplane at 16,000 ft. Sucks the shirt right off of a kid.

I am 72 years old and in my life I have only heard of one other incident similar to this and that is the one referenced in the article where part of the fuselage blew off.

But with even only two incidents, I don't fly unless I gotta. 

I might not have been sucked out of that plane, but my shit probably would have. Lord knows my seat would have been full of it.


  1. I've read some reports that beside the loss of good pilots to Covid vaccines, airline companies are feeling spots with pilots that probably shouldn't be flying the planes they're flying. With the added EEO policies of hiring air traffic controllers, accidents will increase.

    1. Yep. Another good reason to stay on the ground.

  2. The section that blew out was originally an escape exit with a door. The regulations require so many exits for the maximum number of passengers the plane is designed to take. But when the seating capacity of some 737 MAX’s is lessened the number of escape exits is lessened as well so they do an after manufacture modification and "plug" the exit opening that results in a cosmetic alteration to make it look like just another window.