Friday, January 26, 2024

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Warns Biden Administration, Says Seizing Border Areas Would Be ‘A Mistake’

  The Biden Administration has given Texas 24 hours to vacate the Eagle Pass region as the Lonestar State has continued to assert that it has the authority to secure the southern border if Biden will not.

Lt. Gov. of Texas Dan Patrick has issued what appears to me to be a clear warning: Don't Mess With Texas.

The article linked above was written yesterday the 25th. Right now it is the 26th.

Haven't seen or heard any news about this. Of course, though, I was asleep.

I hope Dan Patrick and Abbott are not just blowing smoke at their fellow compatriots, and actually follow thru with their what they are saying.

A Bundy style confrontation between States and the Feds is long overdue in my opinion.

I still believe violence in this country will occur on, or very close to, the november debacle election.

This situation in Texas could bring it about sooner. 

Lots of shitheel democrats want obiden to federalize the Texas national guard. 

Can that happen? If it does, will the guard, and Gov. Abbott, obey?

Check out this link about federalizing the guard:

Court ruling could overturn federal control of the National Guard


  1. We are about to find out just how stupid...and desperate ...the commies holding Pedo Joe's puppet strings are.