Wednesday, January 24, 2024

What Could Go Wrong?

 SHOWDOWN: Texas National Guard Responds to Supreme Court Order by Installing More Razor Wire

Good on Texas. 

If the scotus wants to do something meaningful, order potus to defend our southern border. Instead of forcing the states to do the job the feds are supposed to do.

And then, even before the border is shutdown, order all illegal aliens to leave the country. Give em 15 days and then go hunt them down and shoot them. 

Like the dirty mangy dogs they are.


  1. The Obsessed Progressive Democrat's strategy is to do anything they want to do because they know conservatives are less likely to sue and if they do sue less likely to win and if they do, they'll just ignore it and keep doing what they want. The long game playing Democrats know if you take 3 steps forward and are pushed 2 steps back, you'll still get to your objective, just a little slower

  2. Evidently the Supremes haven't really read the Constitution.
    It plainly states that the states can (and should) defend themselves against invasion.

  3. There ARE some "hills to die on", this would be one of them.

  4. I still say a couple of A10s unload a magazine full of ammo on the line on the river oughta send a message..illegals go home, feds go home...all is well..