Saturday, January 6, 2024

Price of Groceries is Too Damn High

 This pic is borrowed from The View from Lady Lake:

I can relate to this meme. I went with my soninlaw on Thursday to take his daughter, my granddaughter, back to college in Phoenix.

We stopped at wally world to get a few groceries for her:

1 case of bottled water, 1 cucumber, 1 onion, 1 bag of apples, and a few other odds and ends. $99 for the lot. 2 bags of groceries, 1 case of water. And no checkers, everything was self checkout.

They had one lady at one station, all she did was yell out what number the next in line was.

We checked out, went to go outside and they had people checking the receipt. 

Jesus H. Christ what a shitshow our country is now.


  1. I refuse to let them check my ticket when I leave Wally World.

  2. YOU fail to realize, you are using the "Old Dollars", not the ones that Joe Biden has devalued so far down.

    It's ain't that Groceries are expensive, it's that the dollar is watered down.

    1. Which makes the groceries more expensive.

    2. Y'beat me to it... If the dollar goes down in value and your wages don't compensate, you just got poorer...

  3. I bought a 50lb bag of flour, a 36-roll pack of store brand toilet paper, and a 12-roll pack of Bounty paper towels last Sunday. Total cost; $77.00... and change...

    It's odd how Wally World demands to see your receipt after making you check yourself out, and yet DOESN'T doe ANYTHING to the porch monkey who walks out with a cart full of groceries that WASN'T paid for... Treating the paying customer like a criminal and the criminal like a customer is a SUICIDAL business model!!!