Monday, January 1, 2024

Don't Need Police to Handle This

Illinois Father Tracks Down and Shoots Coward Who Brutally Assaulted His Child 

A mans daughter was severely beaten up. Man tracks down the sonofabitch. Shoots him. 

That should be what the whole of America does to people who harm our family. We don't need the police for that.

Listen to this response from some idiot asshole: Most residents KTVI spoke to did not blame the father for defending his daughter. However, local resident Dawn Howard thought the situation could have been handled differently.

“It’s hard to blame a parent. There’s five girls in our family, and I can see all of our dads going after a guy,” Howard said. “But with a gun? No…beat him up; don’t shoot him.”

Piss on beatin him up, use a gun. I don't wanna hurt my hands.

And she said five girls in the family. ALL of our dads??? As in more than one?? 


  1. Vigilantism. It exists because the system no longer functions. Sadly the system still functions enough to where this man will be crucified for protecting his child.

  2. "What good is my life if my children have no future?"