Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Drinking Tap Water Could Kill You (or Worse)

 Here is this mornings thought provoking article.

The idea of someone contaminating our drinking water has been around for a long time.

Centralized drinking water systems would seem to me to be ripe for terrorism.

Or something else. Like lead maybe? Where was that town that had a big problem with their drinking water system?

This author poses a question I had thought about, oh a long long time ago, then promptly forgot. Thinking tptb had our best drinking water interests at heart.

The area I live in now has several "community wells". But these wells are not chemically treated, so anything thats in the water is what you drink. So no worries about tptb adding stuff, but what about all the stuff that is in there anyway? What do I do about that?

Is using something like a berkey filter enough to clean it all up?


  1. Read a si-fi novel decades ago about a man, scientist, who lost a wife and 2 children in a terrorist attack. He devised a method that, I think, left only women alive. His delivery system was styled to contaminate all drinking water for the entire planet. His delivery system seemed plausible at the time.

    1. I read that story, but I think he wanted to kill all the women. He had a complete lab in his basement or something.

  2. A Berkey will remove almost all contaminants. Buy two, it's good to have a spare. You can always use tap water for cleaning, and for cooking just make sure it's going to be boiled.
    There are also home water tests you can use to test your well water.
    I'm on a well of my own but still test every few years to check.