Friday, January 19, 2024

Your Vehicle Is Spying On You And Sharing That Data

 Today, we live in a giant surveillance prison in which virtually everything that we do is being monitored, tracked, recorded and analyzed. In this day and age, you should just assume that nothing that you do is ever private.

Sent in by Johno while I was away.

We all knew we were being spied upon and categorized daily, and this just brings it to a whole new level.

Credit cards, phones etc. Everybody knows everything about you.

Kind of like that movie Eagle Eye. That's the one where a giant computer controls everything by manipulating people.

This past week I went on a short road trip to Texas and my daughter asked me to share my location with her. Apparently google maps on my android phone allows you to share your location with people you select via an internet link. It also shows if you have stopped at the Ramada Inn in Flagstaff. The next day my daughter sent me a text saying Dad, you need to plug your phone in. 

My response: ???? How would you know that?

Turns out that location thingy also shows the percent power left in your phones battery.

Wow. Just wow. Privacy much??


  1. A bit disturbing, but not surprising....

  2. I would have thrown the friggen phone and ran over it several times if I heard that! Why I keep and use my flip phone. I don't yet if they track them but I do have the locations turned off on any electronic device I have.