Certified Water Technologist #63

Certified Water Technologist #63
28 Years In the Water Treatment Industry

From my Hometown He Is

Lockney producer recognized among High Cotton award winners

I grew up in Lockney, Texas. North of Lubbock about 60 miles, south of Amarillo about 95 miles.

Not much there but flatland and cotton. I don't know how this guy grows cotton there, when I was a kid they had all but run out of irrigation water. The cotton was mostly dryland cotton.

Don't know about now, but at that time we were a dry county. Which meant no booze, including beer, could be sold in that county. If you wanted that, you had two choices: go to Plainview about 17 miles away and find a local bootlegger who would sell you some.  Or drive across the county line to a wet county and buy some there.

I remember when I turned 21, on a trip home from the Navy, I drove into a neighboring county which had a liquor store just across the county line. I showed my i.d. to prove I was 21 and bought a case of Coors beer. I'm tellin you what, I was crappin in tall cotton then boy! A case of beer and legal to boot!

Went back to Plainview and immediately started sharing with my friends, a few of whom were still under the legal age of drinking at that time. Was quite lucky that no law enforcement type wanted one.

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