Saturday, December 19, 2020

Christmas Lights

 Christmas Lights. Jesus Christ, do i have a crap ton of those. But none of them work. None of them are the correct ones.

Couple years ago we decided to purchase LED outside mini icicle lights in multicolor to replace the clear sets of regular lights we have had for many many years. Not difficult to place on the house and they look pretty good if i do say so myself.

But about 3 days ago i noticed about a 3 foot section of the LED lights above the garage were out. Huh? I thought LED lights didn't go bad?

So i scoured the internet to figure out how to fix the doggone things. I found a tool called LED Keeper and I found one at a hardware store in Fresno. Bought it and viewed the instruction video on you tube. Today i took the lights down and used this tool, with some skepticism i will add, and i be doggone if i wasn't able to find a bad bulb, and replace it and now the lights work just fine. Problem with the bulb is one of the wire leads had broken off for some reason. 

Anyway, if you have LED lights, i recommend this tool.

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