Thursday, December 24, 2020

Neighborhood Lights

 Myself and Woman of the House drove around our neighborhood tonight looking at Christmas lights on the houses. 

I was kind of surprised. In my immediate neighborhood there are twice as many decorated houses as in years past. About a mile west in the slightly higher value houses, where they typically have about a 90% decoration value, only about 10% of the houses were decorated. And that surprised me. 

In the 12 years i have lived in this small rural community, that has never happened. 

Anyway, I took a few pics. The house that says USA is my neighbor directly across the street to the west of me.

A circumstance with my phone is a little bit funny. I shake pretty badly in my hands and while taking the pictures, my phone would put up this snarky little message. It said simply, HOLD STILL. 


  1. Actually, some really nice pics, Vern.

  2. The new phone i have has a night vision selection on the camera. Does take good pics at night.

  3. sure have some looooong trailers in your neighborhood.