Sunday, December 20, 2020

I Had to Force Myself Not to Stir Up Trouble

 There is something called Nextdoor that i got enrolled in a few years back. It is a place online where people can go make comments, and bitch about things the neighbors are doing. The posts go to my email so i can pick and choose which i want to read or delete.

Todays entry was someone who is complaining about people who place items in their yard and place a free sign on them to get rid of them. Saying how that brings property values down. I disagree with that, but i am a cantankerous old asshat anyway.

One of the entries was complaining about "rotting old appliances" being left in driveways, or on the side of your house. So i said that i have never seen any old rotting appliances anywhere here where we live. 

A lady responded to me by saying, "I see mattresses."

I had to physically restrain myself from the keyboard. I wanted to type out, "I see Dead People" in my best Bruce Willis keyboard style.


  1. I got kicked off of there a couple of years ago. Told a moderator to go fuck himself.

  2. If i knew how to get hold of a moderator i would do that myself. Someone censored 8 very innocuous posts on the thread i was on. No way i know of to get in touch with them. Trying to figure how to get out of the thing.