Sunday, December 20, 2020

Transferred to Alaska

 Quite a number of years ago, when i was fresh out of the navy and had just gone to work for a boiler repair company, I was helper to one of the mechanics. His name is John. 

He told me a story once about his father. He and his father were out and about in the woods one day,  not hunting, just dinking around.  John was a preteen kid, with about a thousand questions.

He told me he asked his dad, What do we do if we  meet a bear and he chases us? The dad said simply, throw shit at him. What? Where will i get shit to do that? His dad said, don't worry son, you will have plenty of it.

Now fortunately, in the few times i have been in the woods, i have never encountered a bear, but i have no doubt that is exactly what would happen.

I mention this because my grandson just yesterday got transferred to the army base in anchorage alaska, and i am quite certain at his earliest opportunity to do so, he is going to scurry into the woods. And i am going to give him some very sage advice, Just throw shit at em!


  1. I took this away from my time at Fort Wainwright up at Fairbanks, many decades ago. Don't run, but if you have to, run downhill. Bears are built for going uphill, not downhill. Bears are quite protective of their berry patches, so stay away from those. And mama don't play. Absolutely keep away from a sow and her cubs, unless you want to end up as cub feed.

    If he stays in Anchorage, it will be warmer than Fairbanks, but the humidity will make the cold worse. Of course I had orders to Anchorage, but was immediately sent to Fairbanks upon arrival.

    Grayling are easy to catch and will either hit little black flies or smaller Mepps spinners, O's and 1's if I recall correctly, or they aren't biting. Stationed in Anchorage, he'll have easier access to salmon during their season. Lots of rabbits so a 22 is useful, winter or summer. Be really careful about obeying the game laws; unless things have changed, which is doubtful, they're darn serious about such things up there. Something else serious, are the mosquitoes. Worse than Viet Nam, in my experience, believe it or not.

    If he likes the outdoors at all, he'll have a ball. Northern Lights in winter, Midnight Sun in summer. Go visit if you can.

  2. I would like to visit, but my wifes medical situation prevents that at this time. I hope he enjoys his time there. Presently he is in day 2 of a 14 day quarantine.

  3. My great grandfather told me how a person deals with a charging bear. You simply wait till he's close enough, then reach way down his throat till you can grab his asshole; then pull real hard, to turn him inside out, and he'll run the other way.