Sunday, December 20, 2020

What Are We Offended by Today??


90 Miles From Tyranny has a post up about some idiots who happen to be deaf getting all pissy about a series called The Stand. How stupid can you get? What they are upset about is the fact that an actor, who happens to NOT BE DEAF, is portraying a DEAF person in the series. What part of ACTING do these idiots not get?

I mean jfc, why can't people just BE normal people for a change and not get butthurt over some insignificant bullshit.

The whole goddamn country is full of assholes like this, and I for one have grown thoroughly sick of their whiny little bullshit.


  1. Replies
    1. I hadn't either until i went to 90 Miles site.

    2. Antz-In-Pantz also had it at his site.

    3. I will go check it out, he always has good stuff.

  2. I guess that straights should start squawking about gays playing them. Or a black playing a white man in "Hamilton". These things go both ways......

  3. You are absolutely right about that!