Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Potential Spam

 Does anyone else out there get this on your cell phone? Calls labeled as Potential Spam or Spam Risk or something of that nature?

I received a call this morning labeled Potential Spam. I went ahead and answered it because I am in sales and it could possibly be a potential client.

The guy on the other end was fluent in English, but he did have something of a foreign accent. And he was asking all types of leading questions, it sounded like he desperately wanted me to answer yes to Something! But I kept evading a yes answer.

He told me he was from a pain relief medical center and he wanted me to say he could send me something, i kept interrupting him so i never understood what. 

The really troubling part of this whole episode is that he knew my full name, my full home address, and my date of birth. He said he got that info from my medical care provider. How the hell did he do that? Hack into their system? 

Anyway, i told him we were ending the call and he hung up in a huff.

Any of you have this happen before?


  1. Not much we can do about it right now. There are some companies that round up public records of individuals and sell them to various companies...mostly scammers. The shitty part is that it's perfectly legal.

  2. If we can start a maga party maybe we could get legislation wrote to end that. Doubt it, but i can dream.