Saturday, December 12, 2020

Country Music Legend Charley Pride Has Died

 Country music star Charley Pride has died at age 86. Apparently it was from covid 19 complications.

Uh huh. 86 and covid.

Anyway, i had a chance to go see him sing in the late 1960's and i said screw that. Wish i had gone because in later years i thoroughly enjoyed his music. 

The time i could have gone to see him, he was appearing at Lockney elementary school, i believe in the cafeteria but i am not certain of that. My mom and one of my sisters went and had a good time.

Country Music Legend Charley Pride Dies Of Complications From Covid-19


  1. “Country Pride, Mr Charlie Pride”. RIP, Charlie and sing some of that sweet with Patsy.

  2. Late 60's. In 69, I was a kid of 18 who managed to get (good false id as was usually the case) into a place called the Tropicopa across from old Tropical Park in Miami.

    Anyway, I was sitting at the bar with a couple of buddies and there was a guy sitting next to me. Quiet and very nice, we were talking about horses (I was at that time a groom across the street) when a member of the house band tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he'd like to join them for a song.

    Damned if it wasn't Char;ie Pride and we didn't even realize it!

    Did 3 sets with the band and was one of the nicest people I've ever met. May he R.I.P. We were blessed to have him for this time