Saturday, March 11, 2023

An interesting article about a submarine

 What Killed the Thresher?

Article is found at Hotair

I was in the nuclear navy. And I can say without embarrassment there was no way in hell I was going to serve on a submarine.

The men who did have my great respect. I feel like they gotta have 3 pound brass ones hanging down there.

But that was  not for me. I served on an aircraft carrier for 4 years, that was good enough for me.

Can you imagine the feeling you gotta have to hear the words "exceeding test depth?" That would scare the everlovin shit outta me.

One of the instructors at my training station told us that they used to string a wire or string between bulkheads on the sub, and when they dived the string would slowly droop as the hull was squeezed.

Uh Uh, not for me.


  1. I heard a slightly different version of the stretched wire on the sub story.

    Subs have redundant navigation systems. One of them relies on the fact that the gravitation has been mapped around the globe and the system reconciles the gravitational data with the dead-reckoning method.

    One way to measure gravity is to stretch a horizontal length of music wire with a weight in the middle and measure the sag.

    1. That seems like it would be a complicated calculation.

  2. Statistically sub service is safer than surface ship service. Fewer injuries and deaths. The difference is if something goes wrong on a surface vessel you have somewhere to go. On a sub if things go south you're stuck. Even a surfaced sub is a challenge to evacuate quickly.

  3. When I was looking to to the join the service, I asked the Navy recruiter if I could be exempt from serving on any boat or ship... the recruiter and the Marine recruiter started laughing hysterically. I moved on to the Army and asked out loud so they could hear if they had any boats. I wasn't looking at joining the Navy, just screwing with them. I definitely would not get into a sub.

    1. Sorry that was me above, seems I was logged out of the google...