Tuesday, March 7, 2023


 My phone that I have been using the mobile hotspot is on my daughters phone plan, or service, whatever you call it.

I have been using it sparingly because I didn't want to go over the limit of data usage.

My daughter told me not to worry about it because we had unlimited high speed data on the plan.

So I started surfing the web looking for post material. Lo and behold I get a text on my phone that says I have used 80% of my data and when it reaches 100% they will LOWER my data speed to some number. 

Sent that to my daughter and she showed me where it is supposed to be unlimited. 

So I am back to slowrolling on the posting. Please bear with me. I will be trying an internet provider shortly I hope.

In the meantime, simply lay back and think of Mother England as you are screwed by our government.

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