Friday, March 31, 2023


 Some asswipe broke my grandsons car window

My grandson went to the hardware store for some bolts and nuts.

Then some asswipe decides to break his car window. 

We think the guy is one my grandson caught shoplifting at the auto parts store my grandson works at.

He filed a police report. He got the surveillance video from the store. Then he emailed KMPH 26 TV station in fresno and i be doggone if they didn't do a news story on it.

The deductible on his insurance policy is more than the cost of repair, so he went to pic a part auto wrecking today and got a window plus some other parts and pieces and fixed it himself.

I am glad he is self sufficient. I supervised.


  1. The two legged vermin these days don't need a reason to break windows and damage property. They do it out of boredom, hatred for those who work and because they know even if caught nothing serious will happen to them.

  2. Jeez man, get the hell out of Kommiefornia. We don't tolerate that shit in rural Texas.