Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Hell, we did more than that.

 Yes, Kids Really Would Drink Water Directly From A Garden Hose In The Old Days…

Drinking water out of a hose. So what. People these days are idiots.

Hoses are some type of plastic. These days the plumbing in your house is some type of plastic. I don't think copper or galvanized pipe is used anymore in new construction. I think it's all that pex pipe shit.

When I had my house replumbed that's what was used. Vastly cheaper than trying to do copper or galvanized. Holy crap I hate to think what that cost would have been. Pex was expensive enough. And don't let anybody tell you pex pipe doesn't leave a taste in the water. It does. I have to run my water from the faucet for at least 30 seconds to remove the taste. Didn't have to do that when my pipes were galvanized.

When I was a kid, and even now as an adult, I drank from the garden hose. I stayed outside almost all the time, and it got hot. Didn't want to take the time to go inside and get a drink. If I did my mom would put me to work doing something. Not for me.

We did a lot more than drink water from a hose. We played. We biked. We swam(well, I didn't swim). 

As teenagers we played footsies and maybe even had a little naked fun in the backseat of the car. 

People today are pussies. I guess that white privilege got to em.


  1. I grew up in the same era 1960's and 1970's. We did all kinds of stupid stuff to amuse ourselves. In the woods behind my house were giant pine trees 3 feet in diameter at the base reaching to the sky. The lower branches broke off leaving stubs that were foot and hand holds until there were full branches again. I would climb way up 60 or 70 feet high until it was too dense near the top to climb through. I could sit up there for hours and no one knew where I was. A fall from that height would be fatal but I didn't know any better or care. I also climbed up a steel U.S.G.S. survey tower as a teen, but was too chicken to heave up onto the platform. But man, the view was amazing because it was constructed on a hilltop. The BMX sports were in its infancy in the late `70's and we built our own "dirt bikes" to run in a local gravel pit. No protective gear what so ever, but launching over jumps and obstacles just the same. We got banged up but we shook it off and got right back to it.

    These days my "thrills" come from winding my Goldwing up to 125 on the interstate with sunny weather, no traffic, and clear straight aways.

    1. One of my friends had a pine tree like that in his back yard. It was a "topped" tree, which meant the top of the tree was flat. Still, it was WAY higher than his ancient 3-story house... I mean WAY higher. The friend and his brothers hoisted a LA-Z-BOY RECLINER to the top of that tree and tied it into place!!! What the hell were they thinking??? What the hell was I THINKING when I SAT in it???

      Yeah; a BMX bike was usually a Schwinn Stingray with the kickstand removed and a road bike saddle added. Mine was a Raleigh Chopper with the frame drilled out in a couple of hundred places to lighten the frame! If you were "rich" you added Ashtabula forks, handlebars, and cranks. ...I wasn't "rich..." Yup; we were the innovators of everything but safety equipment!!!

      ...These days my "thrills" include finding pork ribs on sale at the market and finding something that stops my knees from hurting...

    2. Where I lived we hardly had any trees. A few tumbleweeds maybe. But as kid we had fun. Without the woke crowd telling us not to do that. We used to go out at midnight on country roads and hunt for jackrabbits with 22's and shotguns. Try that now. My thrills for today mainly center around standing up straight and having a good bowel movement.

  2. I once climbed up on one of those oil jack pumps out to the end on a rainy winter, drugs had nothing to do with it...

  3. hell, i drank out of the creek every day. it had used appliances rusting away in it. one day fixing fences i drank out of it and later found a dead cow in it upstream. we kids jumped out of the hay loft of the barn into a pile of hay all afternoon, had to be 20 feet up. grandpa come out and whipped our asses and then dug around in the hay and retrieved his pitchfork from the middle of it. good times....

    1. I've jumped out of a few haylofts myself. Except we didn't have any hay.

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