Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Fuck Mike Miller

 Jordan Peterson Analyzes Donald Trump's Mental Health, Shocks Piers Morgan Into Middle of Next Week

The author of this article, Mike Miller, is an ignorant cocksucker.

He derides President Trump. He is an ignorant cocksucker.

President Trump says what he means and means, and does, what he says. That is something this country has needed for a long time. Maybe since about the early 1800's.

As for being divisive, that is what happens when you say and do what you mean. The media and the republicrats hate that.

So in my book,it's  President Trump in 2024.


  1. I'm right there with you and the President, Vern.


  2. I too agree that Trump EARNED his effort to be nominated. Name me a candidate who has the courage to buck the opinions of media and fellow politicians. Name me a candidate you have in mind that will vote for what changes need to be done. Name me a candidate who wants Americans to succeed.

    No one is perfect. But I saw the four years of Trump with definite steps in the right direction. I won't tell anyone else how to vote - I only want them to vote for someone who will make a difference.

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  4. DeSantis is smart, but we don't need a "smart" primadona in 2024. We need a no-holds-barred, no-punches-pulled bulldozer like Trump to beat the progressive tide that's destroying our country.