Thursday, March 30, 2023

Democrats want to take away your right to bear arms.

Far-Left Rep. Bowman Screams ‘Cowards,’ ‘Gutless’ At Republicans About Guns. Massie Calmly Points One Thing Out. 

This is absolutely predictable. Another shooting, another cry to take away your guns.

Democrats say guns are dangerous. Absolutely they are, that's why you have to treat guns with respect, and use them properly. 

Democrats say weapons of war should not be allowed on our street. I say why not? Free speech is a weapon of war, how about we ban free speech? Especially for democrats.

I say we take away all democrats ability to talk or write. Ban their computers, cell phone,  and voice boxes. Remove their hands. 

That would go a long way to make this country safer.


  1. The people who want to ban guns claim assault weapons aren't necessary in today's World. Yet Jan. 6 protests were held and 5,000 military troops armed with FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons were instantly inserted (Trump asked for them before Jan. 6, but Capital Hill turned them down as unnecessary). So this disproves their prior claim - when you need them, nothing else will do.

  2. Fred, if guns are so bad as Democrat politicians claim, why are Americans waiting for those same to give up their protection by armed bodyguards, armed security and also available a heavily armed police
    detail, on 24/7 service?
    Oh sorry, I forgot: for thee, not for me.

  3. Pedocrats-always shilling for totalitarianism. They'd lie to their own moms if there was a check to cash in it for them.