Saturday, July 25, 2020

Water for Your Home

Periodically I receive email from a place called Camping Survival.
Here is a link to a very short article I received from them: 
 Why Water Filtration?

Like most people, I rely on government to provide me with clean, clear, drinking water which has no bacteria in it. But that doesn't always happen the way it should, and you and your family should think about some alternative way to keep your water clean and safe to drink and use.

If your city water goes bad, what are you going to do? How will you provide water for your family? Supplies of bottled water are expensive and limited. If city water pressure is still up you still have water available, but you may want to filter it at home.

Ceramic filters for instance. Those claim to be able to remove over 99% of stuff, viruses for instance. Buy one or two, figure out how to use them. 

Berkey makes water filtration systems. Check those out.


    just as effective, less cost, and smaller size.
    buy 2 or 3 and throw them on thje shelf with your LTS supplies and one in your BOB. consider one for each of your autos, just in case.....