Wednesday, July 22, 2020

What a Bunch of Bullshit

What a bunch of bullshit.  When the goddamn state decides to tell you what does and what does not constitute a meal, then we have gone too goddamn far down the road of political correctness with this covid crap.

Gov. Newsom’s Alcohol Agency Issues Edict Declaring What a Bar ‘Meal’ Is


  1. Ya'll need to take that boy down and all of his pals and boyfriends. Dump 98% of all your agencies and departments too. Need help? When the bugalloo kicks off after we take care of our minor problems I am sure enough of us redneck boys will be looking for commies for mommies...

  2. I agree, time to kill some of these bastards. Unfortunately, no one else seems to think that here in this state.