Monday, July 20, 2020

Why is it STILL so Hard to Fix an Older Vehicle

Update: These sons a bitches don't know how to pick up a phone and call somebody to let them know the status of the repair work on their vehicle.  

If I get this thing back in one piece I will be surprised.  The computer was supposed to be here last Thursday, pick up the truck Friday. Nope. 

The computer will be here midnight Saturday night they said, the guy has a key to get in. Nope.

Waited all day for a phone call. Never came. Drove over about 2 pm. THEN the guy picks up the phone to call his parts department to see if the fuckin computer got in!!!!!  Nope.

Wherever the hell the vendor is is shutdown due to Cough 19. But my computer has already shipped boy. Be here tomorrow.

I asked him why didn't they ship it next day air? Nothing but a blank stare from around his mask.

I told him I will pick my truck up tomorrow fixed or not, I got to haul some chemical to my customers. Won't do that in my wifes car, and don't have another pickup available.


  1. Your luck sounds like mine. I ordered one from a local NAPA dealer last year for the Bronco I had. Took two weeks to get here and had to have a core processor. I gave them mine when it finally showed up.
    I installed it, went two miles round trip to get gas and come back and the damn thing crapped out right in my driveway when I got back after I barely made it home. Took it out, went back to NAPA, had them get my original one out of the shipping box and reinstalled it while I waited ANOTHER two weeks for a replacement.
    One thing I would recommend is to clean up and retighten as many ground connections as you can find and they hide them all over, even under the vehicle. Especially the battery to body grounds as that is what the processor uses for a ground, the body.
    Good luck Amigo.

  2. That is a good idea Phil. You don't happen to know where I may find a plan of where the grounds may be located do you? I know of 2, I think, but there are probably more.

  3. If it was a Ford I would tell you to look up the Electrical Vacuum Trouble Shooting manual that has all the wiring diagrams and component locations. I'm sue Dodge has an equivalent but I have no idea what they call it. You should be able to do some Googling and find something under wiring diagrams or maybe even find a Dodge enthusiast members board. I had to do that for my El Camino but it was totally worth it.

  4. I would just google Dodge pickup forum or something like that.

  5. If it has a computer, it's not old enough. Old vehicles have their little problems, but those old problems are familiar and fixable.

    1. That's the major reason after having a 2020 Silverado RST loaner with power everything and no key, I went and bought a '79 K-20.

      With a 4-speed, because even a dead battery from a short won't hinder roll-starting. And you can fix any problems with an SAE wrench or a screwdriver.

    2. You are correct. At the moment, at least until march of next year, i am driving about 2500 miles per month. I am looking for just such a vehicle as you describe, so far the only one i found that looks reliable is just way too much money. I will keep looking.