Thursday, July 23, 2020

When is Enough, Enough?

How about we keep government the hell out of our lives?

Calif. is dictating what a meal is.

Calif. is dictating schools can't open in certain counties.

An Oregon senator is putting forth a law to prevent airlines from booking the middle seats

Most states are dictating mask wear.

Most states are dictating business closures. It's none of their business if i open my business.

DC Mayor is dictating EVERYone wear masks, except for federal employees.

What was that city, the one that dictated EVERYone wear masks, except black people?

When the hell are we as a FREE people going to stand up en masse and say enough is enough?


  1. I walked right into a Circle K yesterday to get a 4 pack of tall boys to go with my pizza and they had a "manditory mask" sign on the door. I walked my ass right in (sans mask) grabbed my beer and paid for it with a look on my face that said "go ahead, bitch. say something". Nothing was said.

  2. A tale of 2 absolutely refused to wait on me without a mask on. They were willing to let me stand at the cash register all day long without a mask, but they wouldn't sell me food. In Big 5 sporting goods, no mask was no problem. They treated me like I was a person and sold me what i wanted.