Friday, July 31, 2020

Got This in my InBox

Got this in my inbox tonight from Camping Survival. It is an advertisement for Mountain House Foods. I have eaten a couple of the styles of their food before, and they aren't too bad.

I checked a few of the prices versus amazon, this place appears to be less expensive, but you have to buy a little more to get free shipping.

I still don't know why i am on their mailing list. I don't go camping and have never bought anything from them.


  1. So go camping Fred and your Mountain Home food will taste great!

    1. I have intended to do that very thing for quite some time now. But, something always pops up to get in the way. I guess I will have to do like Pat McManus said Rancid Crabtree did in one the stories he wrote. Rancid threw down what he was doing and said this foolishness can take care of itself, lets go fishing.