Friday, July 31, 2020

Well, My Old Truck is Still Not Repaired

Gill auto in madera are still a bunch of idiots. They have been waiting on a computer for my truck to arrive for 10 working days now.

They called wednesday and said it will be there friday morning early, come drop your truck off and we'll giterdone.

Dropped off at 7:30 am, got their shuttle ride home(wasn't allowed to sit in the front seat next to the driver, too close i guess).

4:09 pm i hadn't heard from them, so i call. Ask for status on my truck. He says oh crap, lemme check.  Comes back and says story i'm getting now is it will be here tomorrow. Let me keep the truck we'll get it done by 2. If not it'll be monday. 

Whaddaya bet come monday they still won't have a clue?

I called a company in new york called flagship auto computer, and they say i can get the CORRECT computer shipped next day air, takes about two days to process it and programmed. For a lot less money. But, gill screwed my truck up so bad it won't idle without pressing the accelerator and the abs is screwed up now and it doesn't want to stop right anymore. So i don't want to let them get away without fixing that, but they say the new computer will fix that.

As the saying goes, oh lord give me strength not to strangle the living shit out of someone today.


  1. Screw that. Go strangle the living shit out of one of those assholes and then scream into the shop that they have one day to get that fucking truck fixed.

    1. I have been thinking skunk bomb might work okay.

  2. Well Fred, after 40 years of working on cars and almost everything else you can think of, almost ten of that in an actual Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealership and having had to deal with shady, incompetent weasel repair shops many times myself, I am dead serious when I say this to you.
    I would call these guys and tell them that this is their last shot.
    If the thing isn't fixed and fixed right, then I am going to call a tow truck, have the truck hauled off to the nearest Dodge dealer and they are going to fix it right. Then You clowns are going to pay for all of it.
    I guarantee you that this will get their undivided attention. If they don't fix it right then that is exactly what I would do and then if I had to I would take them to court and also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and possibly even the Attorney General of your state.I have absolutely zero sense of humor for crap like this.

    1. Unfortunately, this is the dodge dealership that is working on it. If they ever get the replacement computer in, and it still doesn't work, then i will go see the big manager and see what he has to say.

    2. Dayuuuuuum. I was under the impression this was just some local shop.
      Oh hell yes I would be crawling straight up the service manager's ass by now and would probably gone over his head to the Regional Dodge Representative at this point.