Sunday, July 19, 2020

Why I Won't This Time---found at The Burning Platform

I know the vast majority of people wear masks. I don't unless it is at my customers request, or to get into my wifes doctors office. That is my choice, and if I get thrown out of a store because of it, so be it.  

I was reading at The Burning Platform and ran across an article he entitled Why I Won't This Time

I was going to copy and paste the entire article here, but I am not certain of the protocol of doing so. Therefore, the link above.

I think this is a very well written article that makes an excellent point, although many will not think so. Go read it, see what you think.


  1. Fred, it is getting close. I too won't wear a mask and I will not venture into Washington state because of their masking policy. I pray Idaho remains a sane state, but even our governor is making strange utterances. He will be replaced and a good thing our Lt. Governor is completely against all this crap and has said so. I hope she is our next Governor.

  2. Calif is a crazy state, i no longer know what the mask policy is. I believe gallant gov newsom may try to institute some sort of punishment for non mask wearers. Hope not. People in this state will blindly adhere to it.