Saturday, July 25, 2020

Wear Your Mask if you Have to Evacuate

Have you ever heard such bullshit? Hurricane Hanna has landed on the Texas coast, and the mayor of Corpus Christi says: 

 “We’ve been staying at home for five months because of the corona(virus). … So staying home doesn’t sound real popular, but right now this is a real important matter,” McComb said, adding that residents should remember to wear masks if they have to evacuate their homes.

I would say that right about now people in EX's area have a little bit more to worry about than masks, don't you?

Hurricane Hanna makes landfall on Texas Gulf Coast near Corpus Christi

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  1. The locals scoff at wearing masks; hence the huge spike in cases of Kung Flu. Could it be their proximity to the Mexico border? Naw, can't happen. The borders are sealed, right? not. Illegals are swarming the southern border infected with Kung Flu, and have filled local hospitals? Who pays? You and I.
    Hannah is currently dumping rain and more rain on the RGV river delta. It is all flat down there, and nowhere for water to "run off" to; so it collects.
    It's gonna be a skeeter resort down there very soon.