Saturday, February 13, 2021

Burr Votes to Convict

 Richard Burr, R, senator from North Carolina is a goddamn son of a bitch. 

He voted against this unconstitutional farce initially, and he said it was unconstitutional.

But his twisted logic says that because the senate voted and made the trial constitutional, that creates a precedent, and now he is okay with the whole operation.

Since the hell when can the senate vote to amend the constitution all by their lonesome??

If that is the case, hell, when the R's take control of the senate back, they should vote to amend the constitution and say democrats can only hold 35 seats from now on. Why not?

Apparently Burr is retiring soon, maybe next? year, and probably isn't worried about any backlash from the peasants who vote for him.

GOP Senator Richard Burr, Approaching Retirement, Shocks Democrats With Vote to Convict Trump


  1. While most congressmen have law degrees, I doubt that very many of them actually practiced law for any amount of time.

    The ability to reason is a perishable commodity.

    1. I am thinking their ability to reason is directly proportional to the amount of money they get in bribes.

  2. The imbeciles voted to weigh the witch to see if she would float and lost. next week they plan to out law gravity and order people to fly to work . Stiff fines are planned for those that do not.