Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Gun Story---Civilians Help Save Police Officer

Thank you to Reader Joe for the link.

Over in Las Vegas last week, a man was shot 14 times. What is important here is the officer that shot him only fired 9 times is what i read in a story.

So that leaves 5 shots in the suspect that were not fired by the police officer. Where did those 5 shots come from? 

The video shows 4 civilians out there, but it looks like only 3 of them had firearms out. So 3 civilians shooting, 5 shots hit. The number of shots fired by the civilians is not known, at least by me.

Here in california i believe those civilians would be in the electric chair by now. Over in nevada i am not sure what, if anything, will happen to them.

If the good lord is watching, they will all not be charged with anything. And thats as it should be. 

Here is a link with video of the occurrence:

Vegas Man Shot 14 Times Outside a Vegas Gun Range


  1. Damn, from the look of that video, he was just doomed to die that day, no question.

    1. Yep. He shouldn't have brought a screwdriver to a gunfight.