Monday, February 15, 2021

Texas Appears to Be Pretty Darn Cold

 Talke to my brother in Ralls, Texas and my sister in Levelland, Texas Sunday. They said it is really cold there.

My brother said in the 35 years he has been in his house his water pipes have never froze. Lets hope that trend continues.

My sister has only been in her house for a couple of years, hopefully her pipes will stay running.

Extexan posted his pipes froze and he is in south Texas. Damn. 

Here is a link to an article talking about more than just Texas having rolling electricity blackouts.


  1. Down in Southeast Texas it's 16, snow on the ground, and the temperature is falling. Nobody down here is really prepared for such things, and most everything has come to a standstill.

    1. Yep, i imagine this cold weather is a different experience for most. Good luck there, hope everyone stays warm.

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