Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Today is National Almond Day

 Today is National Almond Day. 

Almonds are an extremely large amount of the crops grown here in central california. I don't know how much of our economy the almond crop is, but i can guarantee you, if we lost almonds as a source of revenue, this part of the country would be fu-quaid.

I asked my wife to do some research for me on almonds. She found that almonds are actually not a nut, but a fruit. Upon doing further research, she found they are something called a drupe.

I have a customer who processes almonds. And I am telling you, they process a few million tons of almonds annually.

Almost of the almonds grown in the former united states are grown here in central california.

Here is a link:

National Almond Day – February 16, 2021

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