Thursday, February 18, 2021

Calif. Congressman David Valadao Voted to Impeach

 Republican congressman david valadao voted to impeach President Trump. Every person who helped him win re-election is livid. Talk show host Trevor Carey had an interview with him where valadao said he knew he was going to catch flack for his vote, but he voted his conscience. 

Well, he will not be reelected. Asshole.

The calif. republican convention is this weekend. The talk show host Carey interviewed a couple of the republican delegates. One of them is challenging the current chairman of the party for election. He said that an amendment has been presented to censure valadao, but the current chairman is not allowing it to go to committee. He said that no vote will be taken for this censure. Have to wait until monday to find out i guess.

He also said the current chairman of the party was trying to do a sneaky end run on the delegates. They want to be able to vote on a person they will support to run against asshole newsom in the recall election here in calif.

But i guess this lady is trying to sneak language into something so that the delegates don't get to vote on this, but that SHE will be the one to select who the party supports. And if you don't like it, just suck it up buttercup.

California GOP delegates seek to censure David Valadao for voting to impeach Trump

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