Monday, February 8, 2021

I Think It's Time Everyone Started Making Their Own Power for Their Home

 This is a novel concept: Everyone take care of themselves. Don't rely on a gigantic business that does not have your best interests at heart to provide your life saving and life enhancing energy, such as electricity.

I would gladly purchase and install my own home power generation capability.

The 3 giants that provide electricity generation in calif. are trying to get the ratepayers to bail them out of a 13 billion dollar bill. Apparently the state legislature passed a law that says us ratepayers have to bail them out. 

Even though these giant corporations are the ones responsible for all the fires and deaths that occurred. 

And i know some of you feel that the environmentalists caused the problem. They did, but so did the corporations, and both of them should pay. 

But not me, or the other ratepayers.

California’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to Hear Utility Wildfire Bailout Case

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