Monday, May 17, 2021

Coincidence? or Conspiracy?

 I was reading at Knuckledraggin just now, and clicked on a link to this article:

 Train Carrying Fertilizer and Ammonium Nitrate Derails in Iowa, Town Evacuated, Railway Disabled

I believe in coincidence to a certain extent. But not to this extent.

Colonial pipeline hacked

Mississippi river traffic stopped

Iowa train derailment

Gov. Whitmer trying to shutdown a pipeline

Could all this be orchestrated? Or am I visiting the twilight zone?


  1. Well, if the stuff that is going on has gotten to such a level of screwedup that is beyond a statistically probable series of events,, then it's time for a raised eyebrow.
    Things really are a whirlwind of shit..Is someone stirring it?
    I would not be surprised if that is true. I don't trust anything anymore.

  2. Stopped at my local Toyota Dealer this morning. It has a multi-acre lot that's usually overflowing with 800+ new & used vehicles. Today there's about 25 and most of them are used cars.

    1. Wow. Here locally the lots are still full.