Thursday, May 6, 2021

Well, If This Ain't the Shit

 Update: This just goes to show how inefficient our government is. This letter i got today that i talk about the $2800 they sending me, they already did that on March 23, and I had forgotten about it. But they sending me a letter about it dated April 29? This is just like a damn democrat. A day late and more money out of my pocket.

I just spent a large portion of the afternoon yelling, screaming and going ballistic. I worked on my 2020 federal income taxes.

Everything about it is on the goddamn computer now. I want a booklet mailed to me with instructions and forms, like they used to do. But not anymore boy. They could save money by not requiring security on their people. Because this crap is on the computer, and the pdf doesn't always work right, as in my case with the damn instruction booklet today, i am ready to go shoot some damn .gov employees! Fuck this bullshit!

So i am mostly done, just gotta review it, check the math, all of course after my blood quits boiling. I'm tellin ya, i got more than just a little bit pissed. At one  point i thought i had to pay almost $10,000 more in effin taxes and i launched a rocket out the roof i'm tellin ya! I don't know what i did wrong because i couldn't see much past the red in my eyes, but it looks like i gotta pay $953 to the damn gov't.

So, after all that i go check the mailbox, and in todays mail i only get one envelope, and it says  Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Austin Texas.

Holy fuckin, what the hell is this?

A letter from shortbus joe biden, it says My Fellow American.

I thought Aw Crap! He finally went demented!

Anyway, the letter says he is pleased to inform me that because of the american rescue plan, a directpayment of $2,800.00 WAS ISSUED to my wife and i by direct deposit. Then blahblahblah.Check the website to see where your payment is at. Not in my bank that's for sure. Go to their website and it wants me to create an account, uh uh not gonna happen. Then it says ELIGIBLE people will get the check and i thought I'm Eligible? Huh.

But its only gonna be issued after they review my 2020 taxforms, which i haven't mailed in yet, cause i'm only doin them today!

And by the way, didn't those sunzabitches get all panty twisted butt hurt when Pres. Trump was gonna put HIS signature on one of these?


  1. Damn! that's quite a chunk.
    Maybe just keep your money and send 'em a pic of your hand flippin' the bird.

    1. I heard a joke about that. Some guy sent them a picture of flippin the bird, they sent back a picture of handcuffs.

    2. Wise asses...send 'em back an envelope full of ricin...

    3. I like the way you think.

  2. Same thing happened to me. What a joke. Be happy they are a joke though. Can you imagine just how screwed we would be if the government was competent?

  3. Oh man isn't that the truth.