Monday, May 10, 2021

Gas Pipeline Ransomware

 The colonial gas pipeline shutdown has been going a few days now. Apparently some robinhood type group has placed ransomware on their computers and is demanding payment to release them.

If i was the head of colonial, i would hire an equally talented group of mercenaries to hunt down and liquidate this group that calls itself dark side i believe. Think about that. If in the news you see that several computer hacker types have been severely tortured and mutilated because they were suspected of hacking the colonial pipeline, what do you think future hackers might think?

Now lookit, this pipeline supposedly provides 45% of gasoline and diesel from Texas to New England. Why in the hell would you put any control of it on computers with access to internet? Or whatever net they use. Old technology, to me, is better than new technology.

Relays and switches that have to be human operated, may have some human error but that is better than being lockedout. If the hackers have to physically travel to a site to do any hacking, that might deter such hacking, in my opinion.

Any who, here is a link to an article:

Cyber Attack on Colonial Pipeline Leads to Emergency Declaration in 17 States


  1. Our entire grid...electric, water, name it, is accessable online for the right Black Hat to attack. It wouldn't suprise me if some folks toilets are on the net with all the "smart appliances" and the Internet of Things.
    There are plenty of White Hats out there working against the dickheads. That's part of a business I'm on the verge of starting...cyber security penetration testing for home users and very small businesses...the folks that can't afford thousands of dollars to have a company come in and service them...not to mention that those companies go in deep, meaning they check things that the average home user doesn't really need checking or they don't have. It's only going to get worse when a rogue gets his dickbeaters on a quantum computer...a LOT worse.

    1. Thats why i am thinking old technology.