Thursday, May 20, 2021

Forget Murder Hornets. We Have Sex Crazed Cicadas!

 This coming summer will apparently be filled with love making, cicada style.

They are infected with a fungus, and that makes them horny.

And some people eat them.

The main takeaway, then, is that for the next month or so there are likely to be millions of castrated and sex-crazed zombie cicadas, high on amphetamines from a psychedelic fungus, flying around parts of the U.S. in desperate search of a mate. And, it bears repeating: you shouldn’t eat them for a buzz.


  1. Kinda glad Cicadas live on the Eastern part of our great nation...

  2. Those suckers get big. We used to stick straight pins through them to a tree, and set them on fire...fireworks with noise!
    If there are enough of them in proximity to each other, they make so much noise, that it can be hard to speak over them.

    1. Fortunatel I have never been around that many at one time.