Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Hot Today

 At the moment the temperature is 93°F. Gonna be 96°F at 5pm today.

I knew the heat was coming and now it is here.

Turned on the house ac earlier, about 2 pm. Set it on 75 or so. I don't care what people say about the cost, i want to be comfortable, and cool is comfortable. If i gotta worry about the cost to run the damn thing, i will simply remove it and sweat.

Here in my office, i have a portable room air conditioner, and i have it set on 62°F. I turned it off a few minutes ago, cause i was cold.

I have been thinking of buying a unit called a mini split airconditioner and putting in my living room. 

That area of the house has never cooled down properly. A mini split has the evaporator unit inside, and the condensing unit outside. Kind of like a cars ac unit is setup. I have been looking at the ones that use an inverter technology. Not sure how but they are supposedly less expensive to operate.

Speaking of that, i have always  been under the impression that operating an ac unit at 220 volts is cheaper than operating one at 110 volts. While looking at the amp draw specs on this one, i have changed my mind about that. They had specs listed for both 110 and 220 volts. Turns out the 220 volt unit uses about the same amount of power or slightly more than the 120 does.  Gotta do more research, but if that stays true i will get the 110 volt one. Because i am planning on using solar panels and batteries to run the thing. If it works out okay i will let you know. Gotta get the dough to buy the stuff first though.


  1. I think you will find the amperage is spread over 2 hots so the amperage is priced at half.

    1. The watts power still works out about the same.