Monday, May 10, 2021

Some Old Jokes, But Still Funny

 Sidney walks up to the head lumberjack and says he was there to apply for the job of tree cutter. Sidney is only about 5'4" tall, the lumberjack is 6'4" tall. 

The lumberjack says, you are kinda small, where have you worked before? Sidney says,"The Sahara Forest"

The lumberjack says, "You mean the Sahara Desert?"

Sidney says, "That's what they call it now!"

Sidney gets the job, the next day the head boss gives Sidney a chainsaw and they go out to the woods. Boss tells Sidney cut down all these trees with red paint markers, about 50 of them, and goes back to the camp.

Sidney gets back to camp that night pretty tired and immediately starts sharpening the chain on the saw. The boss comes up and asks, "How many you cut down?"

Sidney says "One."

The boss is flabbergasted. We cut down at least 10 a day he says, you gotta do better.

Next day Sidney is plumb wore out. Boss says how many today? Sidney says 2.

Boss says what the heck? Is there something wrong with your saw?

He takes the saw, pulls the cord and it starts on the first try. Brrrrap, Brrrap the saw goes.

Sidney goes Whats that noise?

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