Saturday, May 1, 2021

Can You Believe This Shit?

I would like to say i find this hard to believe, but unfortunately I can't say that anymore. When i was a kid we could run play climb trees throw rocks bicycle do whatever the goddam fuckin hell we wanted as long as the parental units didn't forbid us or catch us as we did whatever it was anyway.

But now, in these stupid times, states are having to pass laws to prevent parents from getting charged criminally for letting their kids be kids and do what kids do. 

When the hell did this country become such  a land of freedom haters?

In Oklahoma and Texas, Parents Who Let Their Kids Play Outside Will No Longer Fear Neglect Charges

As a personal anecdote: last summer my wife was home with our younger children in our safe, upper middle class, secluded neighborhood among the pines of the Sierra Nevadas along a dead end street. Our 8-year-old asked if he could go collect rocks (for his collection) down the street – a distance of about 600 yards. My wife was on the phone with her mother catching up and granted him permission. His older brother (age 10) asked to go as well and together, the two walked down the quiet, dead-end, residential street.

An older, well-intentioned neighbor (whom we have not met), noticed them and followed them down the street to the small wash where they were going to collect rocks. After observing them, he soon offered them some lunch – to which they replied “no thanks, we don’t take food from strangers.” Then, after growing uncomfortable with a stranger watching them, they proceeded home."

The fire department arrived

But before they made it back, the fire department arrived having received a call from this same concerned neighbor to check on a report of “unsupervised children.” By then, my wife had finished her phone call and walked outside to check on the boys. Surprised, she noticed two firemen walking up the street with the boys. They kindly explained what happened and apologized but proceeded to report that they had to legally report to the Sheriff Office and that we might be receiving a follow up call or visit from CPS [Child Protective Services].

This is the type of incident this bill is striving to avoid. It is a waste on the often under-funded and over-worked public resources we need to truly protect the children of this state.

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