Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Income Tax is Too Damn High!

 You have heard the saying The Rent is Too Damn High!

Well I say The Income Tax is Too Damn High!

You know why income tax is too damn high? I will tell you. It is because nobody prepares their own tax forms anymore.

In the past people would prepare their own taxes and they would have all the information they needed and could see their income and their outgo and they could gripe about it or call their congressman or whatever they needed to do. Fill out a page here, fill out a page there, go back and erase this page and redo that page, then bundle it all up and put in an envelope and mail it.

Then along comes H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, and how convenient you can go down and pay someone else to do it for you. Then all you have to do is sign the damn check and you don't grumble anymore and call your congressman.

And Now. You can get on your smart phone now and do your taxes in just a couple of minutes for some people, half hour or so for others.

Give em a credit card if you need to and voila! you are done!

Lotsa places are free gratis to post your taxes, so it might all be free for you.

I think, though, if  everyone had to prepare their own taxes and deal with all the trials and tribulations of that, more people would be calling up their congresscritters, and yelling "The Tax is Too Damn High!


  1. let's make income taxes simple again.
    if ya make a dollar, send in a dime. and write the law so congress can't change the flat rate. if they want more money, they need to find other ways to get it, just like the rest of us do.
    and move tax day to a week before election day. that way voters will still have the teeth marks of the tax man fresh in their back sides when they vote for the people who (over)spent their last term.