Monday, May 17, 2021

Covid Snitches Get Outed in Small Washington Town

Diner Owner Sublimely Turns Tables on Snitches to COVID Hotline – 'We Deserve to Know Who We Can Trust' 

I lived in Port Orchard in 72 for about 6 months while my ship was in drydock. I think it was 72, it was the year of the jimmy carter gas shortage.

I lived on Long Lake in a small trailer home. The road we traveled to get home was level with the top of the trailer home. When it rained we had a 3 foot wide creek coming down from the road thru our driveway down to the lake.

There was an old lady who lived right on the lake, she had a covered boat shed. We used to borrow her boat to go fishing. 

This old lady was crazy. I was down at her place one sunday afternoon visiting her and her son? or daughter? I forget who it was. Anyway she asked me if I would like some moose milk. I said no thank you. But she insisted.

So, I said okay. She brings out this full size drinking glass full of milk and says try that. I say okay and take a big ole swig of that moose milk. My eyes got wide as saucers and i started spitting out that moose milk and choking and gasping. Good lord!

What she did was fill the glass half full of regular milk, and half full of Jack Daniels! Ho Lee Fuk!

She had a great big ole laugh over that. Come to find out that woman would sit in her rocker, with a quart of Jack Daniels and a quart of milk by her side and drink that crap all day long.

Never saw her again after we left drydock. I hope she lived out her life without running out of moose milk.

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  1. Nixon was still President in 72, Carter was elected in 76