Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Any sonofabitch that votes democrat in 22 is open game

 Fuck all democrats. These goddamn sunzabitches are as unamerican as xi penjing's asshole.

Stuck In Afghanistan? The U.S. Embassy Says It’s Sorry, But Not Sorry – No Ones Coming…

Democrats are the problem. They voted these assholes in who are just plainly not competent to run the country. Well, excuse me, they may be competent, they just don't want to be americans.

And if you are american in afghanistan, say you were at the embassy, tough goddamn shit maynard! We ain't helping you get home!

I say in 22 if democrats by some miracle retain the majority in congress, I say we go hunting and undo the majority. Fuck these assholes.

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