Sunday, August 22, 2021

Are You Prepared?

Are You Ready? Part 1 

Are You Ready? Part 2

Are You Ready? Part 3

Last year sometime one of the other bloggers I read called ExTexanWannabe wrote some posts titled Are You Ready? I am linking to those here because I think they are a very good primer to get you started on the road to being ready to survive in a shtf situation, or even just for your peace of mind if nothing ever happens. Bear in mind these articles are just a beginning for you to start thinking about prepping.

So my question is:

Are you prepared? For civil unrest? For violence? For peace?

There is so much anger in america right now I don't see how there can not be violence soon. A presidential election was stolen. The installed administration is allowing tens of thousands of illegal aliens to storm into this country bringing with them covid and thousands of other diseases. TPTB are trying to force the populace to endure an unwanted vaccination that is actually not a vaccine. Lockdowns. Unnecessary mask mandates. All upon threat of arrest or denial of services, including access to food, and hospitals, and medical care of any sort. 

Your papers please! Sound Familiar?

And now afghanistan. This idiot president and his sycophants are screwing up foreign policy right and left. Charging of money to american refugees to escape afghanistan, bringing afghan refugees to america and who knows how many taliban among them. Republican rino governors are cheering all this on and saying bring them to my state!!

I know I am forgetting something. But my question remains: are you prepared for violence?

Do you have food water shelter security medical in order to shelter in place for months on end? I don't. Maybe 3 or 4 months if I am damn lucky. But if things go the way I predict they will go, I might be dead in a month.  Or in a fema camp. Who knows?

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