Monday, August 23, 2021

This Covid Crap Has Gone On Way Too Long

 You know, I think maybe the worst thing that this covid crap has done. Hell, I don't know what that would be. I know that people don't want to work anymore. Why would they, when the government pays them to sit on their ass at home.

What I am talking about is appliance parts that can't be manufactured because of lack of workers. I have a maytag refrigerator the lovely mrs. and I purchased in very early 2009. The icemaker quit working a few years ago, and as I am in the current crop of lazy americans, and I could afford it, I decided to hire some one to repair it for me.

Well that was a big bust. For whatever reasons, four repair companies never showed up. So I did what any redblooded husband would do when the mrs. wanted ice and wanted it now, I purchased a countertop icemaker. Pretty neat thing too, lovely color, and she really liked the ice it made.

So for a couple years she was happy, and therefore so was I. Then the countertop ice maker quit working. 

So, I nutted up and started troubleshooting the refrigerator ice maker. Determined it needed a new control. So I went online, found the correct part, it came within a few days, installed and now we got ice again. Easy peasy.

Until we go to dispense the ice and find out the dispenser doesn't work. So I nutted up again and more troubleshooting and determine the motor for the ice dispenser has in fact burned out. Wasn't a guess on that.  So I went online, found the correct part, it came within a few days, installed and now we got ice again. Easy peasy.

Except now the motor will go, but the auger in the ice container will not. The auger has something wrong down inside, but I can't get the screws out of it to take a look. So I look online, find the correct part from the same place as before, $258, order the thing. Get an email saying it is on backorder, will be here the middle of july. Okay. Middle of july comes and goes. 

Call them up and they say it is on backorder, it will be here august 7. Okay. August 7 comes and goes. Chat with them online, and it is still on backorder and will be here august 21. Well guess what?

Chat with them online, and they say it will be here august 31. I ask is the company out of business is why it is so hard to get. No, she said.

So I call up coast appliance here locally and ask them. He says it is not in stock, and will be the middle of next month before he can get it.  

We get to talking and he tells me Covid 19 is the cause of this. The whirlpool factory can not get anyone to work, because the workers are still getting paid by the government to sit on their asses at home. Then he says because of no one wanting to work, some of the orders he has placed have been as long as 8 months to get here.

So now I am looking at purchasing a new fridge. Anyone want a 12 year old 24 cu.ft maytag fridge with no ice dispenser?


  1. Try here
    You will have to sign up to ask a question, but I have asked many questions there, and they always respond...usually with a part # and where to get it.

  2. Stick with what you have & buy ice by the bag. New fridge will take 6 months to a year before you receive it. No lie. Ice makers & garbage disposals constantly break so learn to live without.

    1. The ice maker works, we just have to dig it out by hand from the dispenser. Yep, everything in the mfg. world is long wait times due to this covid.