Wednesday, August 18, 2021

It's Not Lookin Good for California

 Our asshole governor newsom is going to win this recall election, I do believe. And when he does boy is this state going to regret it. My opinion.

I believe he will lock this state down ala australia and new zealand, because he's the kind of asshole that does that. He isn't locking down now because the recall is here and he barely has a lead. But retaliation, boy, that's the ticket.

And now factor in the drought. He wants to initiate statewide water restrictions, but won't because of the recall. Butt when he wins, boy, the partys over I'm afraid.

Governor Newsom Announces Mandatory Statewide Water Restrictions Likely By October

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  1. California government drains the reservoir's into the ocean and then claim a drought followed by restrictions. I wonder if God is punishing California for its destruction of the state and allowing attacks on Christians & people of faith. No rain, high heat etc.