Friday, August 6, 2021

Lack of Water in California is Getting Worse

 Water is the lifeblood of us all. Without water we are all dead, one way or another.

California farmers have had their allocation of surface water reduced to almost nothing this year. Which means in order to produce veggies for the rest of the country farmers have to pump groundwater. But that needs to slow down and stop because the underground aquifers are being depleted.

The lack of water is so bad that Lake Oroville hydroelectric power plant has had to shut down due to lack of enough water to run the turbines. That hasn't ever happened in the lifetime of the plant. Since built in 1967?

The reservoir is getting so empty that a major hydropower plant has had to shut down months ahead of what officials expected in late June,

And now another thing for farmers who had some surface water.           The State Water Resources Control Board, following hours of debate and comment, voted 5-0 to issue “emergency curtailment” orders covering the rivers of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta watershed — essentially the entire Central Valley.

California produces up to 50% of the nations fruits, nuts, and vegetables. So this water shortage may cause problems nationwide with food. I certainly hope not.


  1. The water issue in California is serious because officials have been draining the lakes into the ocean, seriously people California is run by insanity: how you vote is what you get and California is a democrat run state remember this when going to the polls next year.

    1. Unfortunately true. Possibly in September there may be a slight rebellion. I hope so.

  2. "California produces up to 50% of the nations fruits, nuts, and vegetables" - and that's just the voters

  3. News Center 42 reports that the UN will be bringing suit against California and the Delta Smelt family of fish for being equally responsible for the drastic rise in global sea levels , film at 11...